Current Beneficiaries



…. is a 9 year old boy suffering from brain cancer and stay in a small town in the country side…

He needs to go every 2 months to Grootte Schuur Hospital for tests and treatment.
His mother is a single parent with no income, because she has to look after Ben 24/7 and only wants the best for him.
The annual expenses towards Heini is +- R60 000 (ZAR)


….is a 1 year old boy suffering from brain cancer and
stays with his parents in a informal settlement. His father works as a gardener while his mother looks after him.
Zino needs to undergo medical treatment in future and needs urgently financial assistance.
The father’s income is not enough to provide towards the medical costs
The annual expenses of Zino is +- R 20 532 (ZAR)



…is a 7 year old girl who was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

She stays with her mother and 2 older brothers in a informal settlement
Her mother is a single parent and sometimes work as a domestic servant to put food on the table.
Nosipho needs to go for treatment and chemo in the near future and urgently needs financial assistance.


…is a 2 year old little girl with a rare type of cancer of the bladder (Rhabdomyosarcoma Stage 3) operation was done and 2/3 of her bladder was removed and for the next coming year she will have to undergo chemotherapy every second week. They are staying in a small town in the country side and have to travel to the city where the Red Cross Children’s Memorial Hospital is.

The costs involving each trip will have an enormous impact on her fathers finances.
There also have to be taken in account that food and over night staying costs will have to be paid for They need financial assistance very urgently
The annual expenses towards Carla is +- R l07 520 (ZAR)